Dayton Infrared Inspections


Water and moisture have an effect on surface temperature which can often be viewed by Infrared Thermal Imaging before the first visible stains ever appear. As water evaporates it cools and provides a unique thermal signature. Since water and moisture is often the basis of mold growth in commercial and residential structures, prevention and correction should be completed promptly.

Often water intrusion occurs in areas that are not readily observable by the naked eye. Many times, once a stain does appear, it is only a small indication of a much larger chronic concern where potential mold risk may exist. Infrared Thermal Imaging can identify and document water intrusion before it appears visually and creates an unmanageable or expensive repair.

We can often help pinpoint the exact source of moisture or water intrusion. Typically repair contractors can only guess at the location or source of water intrusion since water can travel a great distance before ever showing visual evidence. With our Infrared Thermal Inspection equipment and training, we can often track the moisture back to the source helping you focus your repair efforts, and saving time and money. We can help you maintain your property and prevent small problems from becoming large and expensive issues..

If you suspect a water or moisture problem within your commercial or residential property or can’t seem to stop the issue, contact us today for a Thermal Inspection. Our Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Service has assisted Dayton area clients where others could not. Our specialized training and equipment will help you save time and money and reduce your anxiety associated with water and moisture intrusion problems.