Dayton Infrared Inspections


An energy audit is what most Dayton area residents and business owners consider when they are experiencing heat loss, energy loss, and air infiltration issues with their home or building.  The problem with most energy audits in and around Dayton and Cincinnati is that they focus on electrical energy saving ideas such as installing compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s) or light emitting diodes (LED’s), and replacing older appliances.  We all know that newer appliances are much more efficient than our 10 or 20 year old existing appliances, and that new lighting technology uses much less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Our Dayton and Cincinnati clients don’t need to pay for this information.  You want to know where heat is escaping, why you can’t cool an area of your home or building, or why your fuel and energy bills are so outrageous.  Dayton Infrared thermal imaging and inspections will do precisely that and more.  Our energy survey can show clients exactly where air infiltration is occurring, where insulation may have settled or been left out by the builder, and more.

Our service helps you identify areas of concern and where to focus your repair efforts to achieve the “best bang for the buck”.  Many of our clients have cut their heating costs by 20% or more and achieved more comfortable rooms, homes, and buildings by following our recommended advice.

Typically this service is only considered by area residents during the heating season when fuel bills appear to literally go through the roof.  The fact is heat or energy loss occurs throughout the cooling season as well.  The same factors affecting your fuel bills are affecting your electric (for the A/C) during the summer months.  Dayton Infrared thermal imaging inspections work just as well during the summer as they do in the winter and provide the same level of service to help you cut your energy and fuel bills!

Missing or marginal insulation can increase heating and cooling costs in homes and commercial buildings as well as creating occupant discomfort and often moisture issues. Once the finished walls, ceilings, and floors are installed, identifying missing or marginal insulation is impractical and often impossible without the use of destructive measures.

Infrared Thermal Imaging inspections now make it possible to identify missing and marginal insulation without the need for destructive or invasive measures. Our technology allows us to ‘see’ behind walls, ceilings, and floors to identify insulation issues easily and quickly.

Our Dayton area clients appreciate the opportunity and cost savings our technology affords them. Often older home construction practices did not include thermal insulation in exterior walls until more recently required by building codes. Traditional inspections are very limited in the ability to identify missing wall insulation. Whether purchasing, selling, or maintaining a property, we can now save our residential and commercial clients both time and money by combining both our traditional inspection process with our advanced Infrared Thermal Imaging capabilities.

Heat loss can also occur via air infiltration or air intrusion. New construction building practices are often lax or careless, and older homes were simply built “loosely”. Cold/hot air intrusion can account for a significant portion of your high heating and cooling bills in these buildings. A common complaint is cold rooms or uncomfortable areas, or experiencing difficulty in achieving a comfortable temperature in certain rooms during the heating or cooling seasons. Infrared thermal imaging inspections have assisted many Ohio homeowners to identify precisely where the heat loss and air intrusion is occurring. Many times the repairs are as simple as a weekend with several tubes of caulk, a few gaskets, and a minimal amount of insulation repairs. But on occasion, the repairs can be significant to correct construction oversights. Regardless of the source or cause, a thermal inspection from BC Warner Inspections can help you identify your areas of concern, and assist you with organizing your repair efforts to achieve the best results for your dollar.

Some unscrupulous home improvement vendors such as window and insulation companies also utilize infrared technology as a “free service” to help “sell” their wares. Contrary to their common sales pitches, window replacements are typically some of the least cost effective energy saving improvements to be made. It often takes many years to recoup the enormous cost of the replacement windows in realized energy savings. Likewise, injecting foam insulation into an already insulated wall assembly will typically provide little if any cost effective benefit and can actually cause more harm than good.

BC Warner Inspections & Thermal Imaging Services has no hidden agendas. We aren’t trying to sell you new windows or unnecessary insulation injections. Our service remains truly impartial and unbiased. Our goal is to simply identify and alert you to recommended improvements and repairs which often turn out to be low cost alternatives to window replacement and foam insulation injection. In fact, our impartiality remains so steadfast that we won’t even recommend or refer any specific company or brand to you; however, we will provide resources to help you find qualified and reputable contractors should they be needed.  Many Dayton area home and property owners are often surprised to discover that they don’t need new insulation or new windows, and that a few general maintenance repairs or other low-cost alternatives will be more effective at reducing their energy bills and increasing their comfort levels.

Call us today, and let us help you identify and prioritize your energy improvement efforts!